A course for people who are ready to heal & improve naturally in body, mind and spirit; and gain new tools to be free and live the life you desire!

with Lauren Hoover-West, Holistic Health & Life Coach, Chef

Lauren Hoover-West is a Classically Trained Chef of Celebrities & US Presidents who has French Michelin Star experience coupled with a degree in Psychology, Holistic Health & Life Coach, Yoga & Meditation Teacher and Author of blog and cookbook No Wheat No Dairy No Problem(2009)

  • Are you ready, willing and able to learn how to heal for good?
  • Do you want to eat delicious food, gently detox and use the best products that will have you feeling great and emotionally feeling happy, peaceful and joyful?
  • Are you tired of fad diets that don't work? Learn to customize your diet for your own health and well-being.
  • Do you just want to take things to the next level of being healthy?
  • Have you been to several doctors and practitioners to still be suffering?
  • Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?
  • Do you feel you know you need to do something, but you just cannot do it alone and desire some support?
  • Do you desire more balance in your life?

If you answered Yes to any or all of these questions, I am here to help you transform from waking up dragging through life to feeling excited about life with the health and well-being you desire and deserve!

I am so excited to offer you a supportive, tried and true comprehensive

6 Month Holistic Healing Program that includes all my services and knowledge! I will take you from surviving to thriving through an amazing Healing Journey that incorporates:

  • Delicious nutritious food(homemade and bought) that will heal and bring balance to your whole body, mind and spirit & hormones!

  • Gentle Detox: slowly eliminating environmental toxins and root causes of illness and disease. There are many hidden toxins most people do not even realize are making them sick! This will help balance your hormones too! It is very important to do this very slowly and carefully to be sure you do not do more harm than good! Supporting your Liver is key!

  • Heal your spirit and emotions linked to imbalance and illness. You cannot remove your mental and emotional state from your body…they are interconnected and both need to heal and achieve a balanced state of well-being

By just learning some new tools and creating new habits, you will heal. At the end of 6 Months, these tools will be healthy, familiar habits! Reach a more ideal weight, balance hormones, release pain and suffering, feel great emotionally and mentally, increase energy & joy and decrease stress!

I see people start feeling better within the first month or less! You will walk away feeling like a new person, and able to live life passionately with skills to keep you thriving and diving into a life where your dreams come true.

When we are healthy, it gives us the energy and well-being in body, mind, and spirit to live our best lives! True Health has 3 main components: Food, Toxins, Stress! Like a 3 legged-stool, all the legs/parts must be stable and working well, just like our health. Most people are good at one of these and need help in the other 1-2 areas. All 3 are equally important!

Lauren’s 6 Month Holistic Healing Journey Benefits:

  • Learn to Customize your diet instead of jumping around on fad diets that don't work and can cause more harm than help longterm!
  • Balance and maintain optimal weight
  • gut healing
  • immune-boosting
  • anti-inflammatory
  • auto-immune
  • low-glycemic/diabetic friendly/sugar-balancing
  • detoxifying gently, supporting the Liver and organs
  • endocrine system strengthening 
  • hormone balancing
  • All illness and disease will improve through this comprehensive program
  • Feeling more balanced and peaceful with various stress-reducing tools
  • Increase Energy
  • Several tools to help you maintain your new lifestyle and secure all the success you have made in this Holistic Healing Program
  • Improved Sleep & Mood

6 Month Group Healing Journey Includes:

  • 90 minute consult with Dr. Brad West, Naturopathic Doctor to review your health history and labs to assist Lauren in customizing your diet and lifestyle. 
  • 3(30 minutes) Private 1-on-1 with Lauren to customize your Meal Plan, adjust midway and an exit strategy according to your your current health and goals, and/or Life Coaching Sessions to help you shift anything you wish, especially if there is any resistance, blocks, limiting beliefs, self-sabotage. Life Coaching is a special environment where you can really be deeply heard and understood and encouraged. You will find relief, wisdom, and answers that a normal conversation cannot provide. I will give you a combination of nutrition and life coaching depending on what you need. 
  •  Meal Plan & Recipes It includes recipes and many resources for all 3 meals, snacks, beverages and desserts(yes desserts!) I did mention this is going to be FUN right?!! I will teach you how to customize and adjust your meals and diet for your specific health needs, lifestyle and goals. You will learn how and what to eat that will give you optimal health and success long-term.
  • Resources to buy food(prepared, meal box, restaurants) and still eat out, but more safely & wisely. These options are great to supplement your own cooking and for people who cannot cook. You will learn how to eat out safely.
  •  12(1 Hour) Virtual Talks, Educational Health Talks by Lauren on a variety of subjects(food, nutrition, health, illness, lifestyle and more. Includes world-renowned guest speakers with new tools(Doctors, Teachers, Therapists, Coaches, Healers). 
  • Videos: You will learn a lot about food, health, nutrition, toxins, detox, lowering stress, healing emotions, lifestyle choices, APPS and how to heal & balance all areas of your life! You will get this through email and can watch anytime and always have the videos to review.
  • Shopping Tour Tips So many clients & patients thought they knew everything in the health food store and left with a basket of things they never saw before I took them on a tour! I will save you so much money, time and frustration by showing you tasty and healthier options! It has taken me being a Chef, food broker and years of learning and healing through food to know all of this! I stay up to date on new products and use to be a buyer for stores before they even knew a new product existed, I had found it and told them! It's one of my passions!
  • Healthy List Cosmetics & Cleaners with resources Just because a product is in a health food store, you should be able to trust, it does not mean it is safe or healthy! Sorry to say this, but it is so true. I have done tons of research and had lots of training on this subject. Many patients and clients eat really well or avoid certain foods only to have it absorbed from the skin/scalp into the bloodstream in 30 seconds by putting it on their bodies! Manufacturers are really tricky about labeling and the laws are not on the side of the consumer yet. So you may not even know what a listed ingredient is, for example, Triticum Vulgare(wheat germ oil)! Many products are GF but are not certified so they do not label it. Other products are not GF, but they do label it GF! Not to worry, I will teach you and give you some great watchdog websites/APPS to help you navigate this along with lists of safe and good products!
  • Stress Reduction techniques and tools  20 years of finding, learning and using a wide array of tools changed my life! I hear clients, patients, friends, and family rave about these tools and how much it reduced their stress and anxiety and improved sleep and overall well-being! And, it's so fun and relaxing!
  • Special Guests and demos for emotional healing  OMG, so excited to have these incredibly talented professionals. These are seriously life-saving and changing tools and techniques I have learned in very expensive programs and from colleagues that are superstars in their field! Just wait, you are going to love the guests and what they introduce you to and teach you! I would not have made it without these tools, techniques, coaches/healers/therapists! You will find some amazing new favorite things to incorporate into your routine. They will help you with shifting any resistance and that inner critic or saboteur!
  • Step-by-Step direction for you to actually heal in body, mind, and spirit through delicious food, gently detoxing you and your home, reducing stress and learning life long skills to maintain all you learn and incorporate! (Value: Life-Long)

  • Additional Referrals: If you so desire, I have a team of Chefs that I refer to, which work under my guidance, that can help you cook, shop and eat within the guidelines of this program. (Bay Area Only). I can recommend resources in other states and countries!

Optional Upgrades (personal coaching & home make-over & shopping tour)

Bonus Gift: 1-hour Virtual Cooking Class on Knife Skills and More upon Signing Up! 

Total Value: $5,000+ See Big discount below!

This Self-Guided 6 Month Boot Camp is open to join anytime throughout the year, unlike the group programs! See options below

Self-Guided open, ongoing enrollment

Self-Guided 6 Month Plan: 

This is great if you are joining after Group Program has launched or just prefer to do it on your own then this is for you! This way you do not have to wait for January or June! You can get started and still have access to pre-recorded talks and homework.

What differs from the Group Program?:

You get 3 Virtual(30 minute) sessions of Nutrition or Life Coaching with Lauren and 1 New Patient Visit with Dr. Brad West.You also get resources and reference guides.

No group accountability(this is key for most, but not all peoples success), No live zooms/Q&A, no Online Group, no bonuses, shorter appointments, but still very effective if you are disciplined. You can always pay for additional meetings needed for Nutrition and Life Coaching with Lauren or Dr. Brad West for medical issues. Additional meetings will give you more accountability if needed.

Pricing options

Two options

  • $2,500.00

    (Only $100 per week(price of a meal out or tennis shoes!))

    Register Now

This is an investment in yourself and your health that will change your life for the better if you put the effort and make the changes one week at a time. 

I also offer a Group Program and VIP Program if you would like more group and individual support. 

If you are not sure what program is best for you, I will give you a 15-minute free assessment by phone or Zoom/Online, contact me at lauren@drbradwest.com

If you are Ready, Willing and Able to Heal by implementing new tools and habits slowly and gently, with compassionate support, please join me in creating a loving, supportive, fun Healing Journey together! Let’s do it!

Patient Testimonials/Client Appreciation: 

What people are saying about the course ...

“I was resistant to changing my diet because I already thought I ate healthy, but I am so excited that I listened to Lauren! She is an Angel and taught me a lot about food, make-up/toiletries and lowering my stress. I cannot believe how much less pain I have in only 4 days on her diet plan for me! I feel so much better! I am having so much fun cooking her recipes too. I am sleeping so much better thanks to the meditation App she told me to listen to, love the Australian’s voice! Yippie! C.M.   I have had ulcerative colitis for 30 years, and after Lauren took me and my wife shopping for healthier food(at specific places) I actually felt the difference in 1 day of eating differently! She has me eating more vegetables and a customized diet for all my needs. She says Pizza is not a food group, LOL! I have worked closely with Lauren on her Elite Program and she has changed my life. After one day I felt a difference and after 3 weeks I was 70% better! I am a professional tennis player and I am winning all my tennis matches…and its all Lauren's fault! She even helps me find safe places and food to eat when I am on the road, and at home, and now I know where to go and what to order so I stay well. She has been so encouraging and supportive even though I have been very difficult and resistant. She helped me once from afar when I was in a hotel sicker than ever because I cheated and ate at a Buffet…never again! I have referred other players to see her and highly recommend her.  Anonymous    A friend highly recommended Dr. Brad and Lauren so after a year, I saw them. I had such bad anxiety that I thought I was going to have to sell my business and move away from the Bay area. I am a Chef and really learned so much from Lauren that I have redone the menus at work! In a month I lost 20 pounds and the anxiety was completely gone! She taught me so much about food, lowering my stress with techniques and being sure I was using healthy products on my body and in our home. Thank you so much.”


“No piece of fucking cheese is worth how much better I feel. Before Lauren suggested I remove cheese from my diet I only ate a little bit here and there, and my eyes were watering everyday. I had to re-apply my make-up several times a day. After just a short time of going dairy-free, my eyes stopped watering! I am not going to mistreat myself by eating things that give me pain and discomfort, because that would be mistreating myself. I feel great and do not miss the cheese or suffering! She also took me off Nightshades which was so hard because I am Italian! Only 3 days of no nightshades and I called Lauren crying because I was so scared to go back to the pain I had been in, now I have no pain unless it rains then I have a little, but I am 76 years old. I have had RA since I was 10 years old, but nobody until Dr. Brad tested me for a bacteria that people can have with RA and it came back positive!!!! He is brilliant and so sweet, my pain is gone and I feel so much better. I have worked with them for 5 years and they are so smart and kind, I tell everyone to go to them! My husband and I are so happy we found you both. Mille Grazie for all your help and love. ”


“In just a few weeks, my son’s tummy aches are significantly reduced to gone; and he loves the new foods Lauren introduced him to, along with Dr. Brad’s supplements . He also has ADHD and Candida which she helped so much with in many areas. She really empowered him and encouraged him. It is the first time he has not had tummy aches in so long! His behavior is better too. We really appreciate all that Lauren has done and for how nice she was with both of us.”


“Our 4 year old daughter was not able to speak or play with other kids due to Autism. Lauren changed her diet, and got rid of toxins, diagnosed heavy metals and zinc deficiency. In only 2 months our daughter was speaking and running and playing with the other kids in the neighborhood!!!!! We are eternally grateful to Lauren. We got our daughter back! Amazing how food made such a dramatic difference, and I thought I was cooking healthy food, but I wasn't. Our daughter so enjoyed taking summer cooking camp with Lauren. We were shocked at all the vegetables and good food Lauren was able to get the kids to eat! Wow! Our whole family is feeling better due to the changes we all made together! Big Love Lauren!”



Lauren has been featured on ABC News Live in Chicago and ABC Sacramento cooking from her cookbook. See the videos here. 

All recipes on No Wheat No Dairy No Problem and the Body Mind & Soul Boot Camp are Lauren's own creations - and her intellectual property, all rights reserved and registered with the United States Copyright Office. Please do not publish her recipes or work without her written consent.